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Hey everyone,

Well I made it! Just graduated from FZD a couple weeks ago! This past year was easily the greatest (And most painful) experience of my life. I'm sorry I've been absent from here for so long, but the school demanded every single waking hour of my life, haha. It was tough, but I've come out knowing much more about myself and the industry I want to work in. I'm back state side now and currently job hunting, but I'll try to update here much more often then I've been doing. Meanwhile, if you guys have any questions or want info about commission stuff feel free to message me and I'll get back to ya. Thanks! :)
Hey guys,

Well, I'm about 8 months into FZD and have 4 more to go, but I decided to start uploading some work while I'm on break for a couple weeks. I'll be in my last term starting October, so might as well start building my internet prescence again. So look out for some updates soon. :)

Also, you can check out my other websites here:

Hey everyone,

As you may or may not have noticed, I did a bit of cleaning up here on my deviant. I've put every single one of my pieces in storage except for my latest self portrait; but don't worry, I'll break some of them out again sometime in the future. See, I'm going to be leaving for FZD in Singapore in about 2 weeks, and at that point I won't have time to check my social media pages (Plus I'm pretty sure the school doesn't allow me to post my work until after I graduate). So I wanted to leave with a clean slate, and once I come back I should have a treasure trove of brand new art to show you. Also, I think it would be good to cut myself off from all these social sites for awhile too, since they'd only act as distractions from my work while I'm over there. Anyways, I hope you all understand and wish me luck on my new journey. I'll see you in a year! :D
I've officially been accepted to FZD School of Design in Singapore! Starting in February I'll be studying abroad for a year under professional concept artists in the game and film industry. I can't thank my parents enough for allowing me this opportunity and my good friend Mike for introducing me to the school. The curriculum is intense, and the environment unfamiliar, but I have full confidence in the education the school provides and the opportunities that follow after. I'm beyond excited.